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Cloud Reservation Software

Save Time

In the lodging industry, time is your most valuable resource. You need time to take reservations, payments, make breakfast, or take in guests. You need time to analyze your business and set new goals. Basically, you need two of you.

Why not take back your time with a Cloud-based reservation software designed to save you time through:

Remote access

Access your reservation software from ANY Internet-enabled device

Scheduled emails

Automatically send email correspondences to guests

Business insights

Robust reporting to analyze your business


Never again will you wait for your software to catch up with you

A user-friendly system

Our intuitive software minimizes the steps required for making and editing reservations

PCI compliance

Through Tokenization hackers can’t steal what you don’t store

Shared notes

Easy and efficient internal staff communication

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"I love the new RezStream Cloud PMS. It is more user-friendly and intuitive than the original RezStream Professional. My staff could almost learn how to use it in one shift having never used it before and by the next work shift be proficient enough to make reservations without any help at all." – Scott Pearhill - Home Hotel, Lava Hot Springs, ID

Make More Money

Cloud Booking Engine

As a business owner, you look for ways to increase your bottom line without wasting money on resources that increase expenditures.

RezStream Cloud Booking Engine works to increase your revenue and decrease costs through:

  • Commission free
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fully customized theme
  • Google Analytics Revenue Tracking

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World Class Support - Just like you, we care too!

RezStream invests in its software and appreciates the investments into its future by our testing community. Throughout RezStream Cloud’s development, we took our clients’ feedback and built their ideas directly into the software to ensure it works the way you do, not the way we think it should.

Satisfaction Rating

98% customer satisfaction rating


Employing more programmers than sales people

Customer service

Providing 24/7 access to customer service

Community portal

Empower clients to suggest features and enhancements

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