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Cloud Booking Engine

All in one solution

You provide your guests with an exceptional experience when they stay at your property so why wouldn’t you provide an exceptional experience for them as they book a stay at your property?

Allow your guests the convenience of booking their reservation online through your booking engine where it’s automatically added to your Cloud PMS. Not only is this a benefit to your guest, it’s an easy way to increase bookings as you have a virtual 24/7 booking agent!

Our booking engine will simplify lodging through:


You’ll provide your guest a seamless booking experience with a themed booking engine that matches your website, a customized booking engine URL, and tailored names for each step of the online booking process.

Multiple Calendars

You get show your availability in a way that’s preferential to you and your property. Display two weeks’ worth of availability or two months’ worth!

You could also showcase individual booking calendars for each unit or room as well as add a quick book feature on each page of your website. You can mix and match the calendars to give your guests every opportunity to make a reservation and increase your conversions.

Google Analytics Revenue Tracking

Better understand what's really going on with your the online bookings that come through your website. No more guessing

Track your performance

  • Find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions (organic, direct, referral)
  • Identify your worst performing rooms and/or packages
  • Determine where people leaving during the booking process


Today’s travelers are booking on the go and you need your booking engine to be accessible on whatever device they want to book on.

You’ll have a booking engine designed for desktop computers and a mobile-optimized booking engine for your tech-savvy guests.

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Upsell Opportunities

Easily upsell add-ons to your guest. We know you carefully crafted your packages and point of sale items to enhance your guests’ stay at your property, so we carefully crafted our packages and point of sale features to make it simple for you increase revenue.

Multiple Rates

You say what rates you want publicly available so guests can select the rate that’s right for them.

Relaxed Min Stay

No more orphaned or widowed Friday nights for your property! RezStream Cloud has relaxed minimum night stays to ensure you’re at your highest occupancy possible by not leaving rooms un-booked.


The social share feature lets guests share (and probably brag) about their upcoming reservation at your property.

You can create boilerplate language for social posts or even add promo codes for your guest’s friend or families as an incentive for them to book.

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