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Season Wizard Jan 10, 2017

Up until this point, adjusting rates for the future has been a pain in the you-know-what....

Hotel booking

Leveraging your channel manager to maximize revenue Dec 7, 2016

Just like your property is unique you know your guests are unique and that extends to the way they book a reservation at...

Women at reception desk

PCI Compliance Confusion Mar 14, 2016

What to protect Glossary of terms Who do I talk to? ...

Tokenization payment

RezStream Cloud Credit Card Processing Feb 19, 2016

Integrated credit card processing Non-integrated credit card processing ...

Gift certificate

Four reasons to sell gift certificates and increase revenue with RezStream Cloud Dec 22, 2015

Compete with chains and big brands. Bring in new guests. Earn more revenue. Provide instantaneous gratification. ...

Tagging feature in the Cloud PMS

Know your guests better and find them faster Aug 14, 2014

Guest level tags Reservation level tags Unit/Room level tags ...