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Infographic: 9 Distribution Channels for Your Property Feb 26, 2019

The entire process of planning a trip now happens online. So in order to reach these digital travelers, it is essential to have the right digital solutions. The following distribution channels are fundamental in staying competitive in this digital age.

Revenue Management | Your Daily Checklist Jun 22, 2018

Revenue Management is an important part of running your independent property. Let RezStream guide you in this process with our revenue management daily checklist.

TripAdvisor Path to Purchase Findings Jun 11, 2018

We've captured the highlights and insights from the TripAdvisor Path to Purchase study. See how customers research and book travel online. 

What is GDPR? May 16, 2018

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What is Googlebot? Dec 18, 2017

Unfortunately Googlebot isn't a cute Pixar-style robot that goes out and reads your website, but it (and other search engine crawlers) can have an impact on your organic ranking. Learn how these bots or spiders see, crawl, and index your site so you can make sure your site isn't just user-friendly for humans but also for bots.

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Infographic: Keywords for driving direct bookings Oct 23, 2017

With 65% of leisure travelers beginning their travel experience on Google, you've got a good opportunity to get them to your site and to make their travel plans direclty with you!

Why is there a drop in my website’s ranking? Aug 28, 2017

You’ll most likely see tiny fluctuations in your site’s ranking over time and it’s nothing to worry about, but if you’re seeing huge drops in your ranking, one of the reasons below could be the culprit. Review some of the most common things that affect your ranking and how to fix them!

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The world of online travel: A statistics infographic Jul 28, 2017

With the search engines' algorithms constantly changing and travelers getting more savvy online, the world of online travel is quite complex. Get some statistics of how your website is being found, ranked, and current benchmarks for success in our infographic!

Who said direct mail was dead? Jun 26, 2017

Think the only way to reach your guests is online? Though they may be going there for information, you can always inspire them to start planning a vacation with direct mail campaigns! With an average ROI of 16%, direct mail is making a comeback as a valuable marketing tactic. Learn more about direct mail marketing with our infographic!

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Infographic: Google AdWords 101 Jun 23, 2017

Have you been interested in driving new traffic to your website but have tapped out all of your other marketing channels? Perhaps it's time to invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This Google AdWords 101 infographic will walk you through the advertising platform and some insights on best practices!

10 critical elements your website’s homepage must have Apr 20, 2017

Make the right impression with your website's homepage by utilizing these top 10 critical elements for the hospitality industry. 

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SSL Certificate Cheat Sheet Feb 27, 2017

Thinking of upgrading your website's security with an SSL Certificate? Learn more about SSL to get the right type of security for your website by reviewing our infographic!

Infographic: Internet marketing terms everyone should know Jan 27, 2017

There are a lot of terms in different segments of your business, from ADR to RevPAR and everything in-between, and there's no shortage of terms when it comes to your Internet marketing. We outlined some of the most popular Internet marketing terms everyone should know so you can better understand your property's online marketing performance and stay on the same page with your digital marketing team when it comes to...

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Infographic: Breakdown of key social media networks Dec 14, 2016

You know your property needs a presence on social media but do you know which networks are right for you? Check out our breakdown of key social media networks for the independent lodging industry to find the right channels for your property and an approximate time commitment to successfully manage those networks.

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5-point website launch checklist: Infographic Dec 2, 2016

Getting ready to redesign your website or getting close to the launch? Check out our five-point checklist to make sure your website is ready to go live and engage website visitors!

How to use exit intent technology Nov 30, 2016

Improve your website's conversion rate or email newsletter signups with exit intent technology and cart recovery. See how to use these tools to turn lookers into bookers and keeping website visitors engaged with your brand through our easy to read infographic.

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The foundations of SEO Nov 14, 2016

You know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for your website and for the search engines, but do you know the foundational elements of SEO? Check out our foundations of SEO infographic to test your knowledge on this marketing tactic. 

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Buyer psychology infographic: How to influence consumers Nov 4, 2016

As we move into the end of the year and focus on property upgrades, renewing contracts with vendors, and brainstorming package ideas for 2017, it's also a good time to invest in your property's website or make some tweaks to it to perform even better than last year. If you're not ready for a redesign or new platform, perhaps using a few of these buyer psychology findings can help your conversion rate in the new year....

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How your independent property can work with local businesses Oct 31, 2016

Looking for long-term solutions for driving reservations? You might be overlooking a crucial tactic with your marketing: Referrals! By working with the local businesses in your area, you could grow your customer base and strengthen your community. Take a look at the infographic below for ideas on how to develp strategic and successful partnerships with local businesses.

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Benefits of gift certificates: Infographic Oct 24, 2016

There are many benefits to selling gift certificates year-round but the holidays are a popular time to encourage your guests to purchase one for a friend or family member. We’ve outlined some interesting statistics and benefits on gift certificates as well as some ideas on how you can sell and promote yours this holiday season. 

How does your hotel compare to the 2016 industry trends? Jul 15, 2016

An infographic from Ard na Sidhe Country House showcases the global hotel and 2016 travel industry trends and some unique highlights show: The global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach $550 billion dollars in 2016. Europe and Asia Pacific are key regions with the highest hotel occupancy rates at over 68% respectively. The Middle East and Africa are the most expensive regions for hotel rates with a...