Definitive Guide to a High Converting Website

In order to determine which type of website is best for you, we’ll first need to understand the different options available. There are many steps that go into the creation of your hotel website’s design that will be uncovered in this guide; however, firsts things first. What type of website meets your needs?

What's inside?

Part One: Choosing the Right Platform

  • Chapter 1: Different Types of Websites
  • Chapter 2: Why Responsive
  • Chapter 3: The Importance of Usability
  • Chapter 4: Selecting a Vendor

Part Two: The Design

  • Chapter 5: Custom vs. Template
  • Chapter 6: Navigation Best Practices
  • Chapter 7: Calls to Action
  • Chapter 8: Photography
  • Chapter 9: Content

Part Three: Search Engine Optimization

  • Chapter 10: On-Page SEO
  • Chapter 11: Launching a New Website
  • Chapter 12: Blogging

Part Four: Tracking Metrics

  • Chapter 13: Visitor Behavior

How can we help?

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