Definitive Guide to a Killer Booking Engine

Your guests can visit your website at their leisure to plan their vacation instead of hoping to catch you on the phone or going to an OTA to book their stay. So, unless you’re going to have an innkeeper stationed by the phone every minute of every day or resign to paying commissions for every booking, chances are good you’ll want a booking engine.

What's inside?

Part One: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: What’s a booking engine’s purpose?
  • Chapter 2: How does it work?
  • Chapter 3: Why do I need it?
  • Chapter 4: Importance of a mobile-friendly booking engine

Part Two: Usability Necessities

  • Chapter 5: Custom booking engine theme
  • Chapter 6: Calendar display options
  • Chapter 7: Promo codes
  • Chapter 8: Multiple rates
  • Chapter 9: Photos and room descriptions
  • Chapter 10: Non-available rooms
  • Chapter 11: Amenity filters
  • Chapter 12: Packages and Point of Sale items
  • Chapter 13: Custom fields

Part Three: Other Considerations

  • Chapter 14: Policies
  • Chapter 15: Terms and conditions
  • Chapter 16: Auto deposit payments
  • Chapter 17: Availability only
  • Chapter 18: Gift certificates
  • Chapter 19: Revenue tracking


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