Definitive Guide to Off Season Reservations

The off-season is the time of year when weather changes, area attractions are closed, and in general there isn’t a lot of tourism going on that helps you get direct hotel bookings. This guide will walk you through various tactics on how to overcome the challenge that is driving off-season reservations.

What's inside?

Part One: Defining Your Off-Season Challenges

  • Chapter 1: What is the Off-Season and Why is it Important?
  • Chapter 2: The Tale of Two Properties

Part Two: Off-Season Reservation Driving Tactics

  • Chapter 3: How to Work with Local Businesses
  • Chapter 4: Online Travel Agents can be Game Changers
  • Chapter 5: Search Engine Optimization
  • Chapter 6: Paid Advertising
  • Chapter 7: The Benefits of Selling Gift Certificates
  • Chapter 8: Packaging Peaks Performance
  • Chapter 9: Leverage Repeat Guests

Part Three: Measuring Your Results

  • Chapter 10: Metric Measurements - How and What to Test

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