Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

By now, we know that the customer
journey typically begins online, whether
that’s through a simple search, inspired
from a friend’s photo of their travels, or
through an email newsletter. Social media
impacts the customer journey and provides
plenty of opportunity for you to use it to
your advantage. In what specific ways has
it impacted the buyer’s cycle?

What's inside?

Part One: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Customer Journey
  • Chapter 2: Types of Social Media

Part Two: Execution

  • Chapter 3: Strategy
  • Chapter 4: Network Breakdown
  • Chapter 5: Posting Etiquette and Best Practices
  • Chapter 6: User-Generated Content
  • Chapter 7: Tools

Part Three:Next Level Engagement

  • Chapter 8: Contests
  • Chapter 9: Advertising

Part Four: Measuring

  • Chapter 10: Insights
  • Chapter 11: Google Analytics
  • Chapter 12: Google URL Builder

Part Five: Into the Looking Glass

  • Chapter 13: Predictions

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