The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Now, you may have never heard of it or you might have it installed on your website but haven’t ever looked at the data and results but Google Analytics is a tool that provides insight into your website’s performance and its traffic.

What's inside?

Part One: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: What is it?
  • Chapter 2: How to get started
  • Chapter 3: Capabilities

Part Two: Key Performance Metrics

  • Chapter 4: Metrics
  • Chapter 5: Benchmarks
  • Chapter 6: Time periods

Part Three: Reports

  • Chapter 7: Report sections
  • Chapter 8: Recommended reports

Part Four: Setup for Success

  • Chapter 9: How often to review
  • Chapter 10: Annotations
  • Chapter 11: Custom alerts
  • Chapter 12: Dashboards
  • Chapter 13: Automated reports

How can we help?

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