The Road to Direct Bookings Definitive Guide

In 2015, Morgan Stanley Research found that the hotel industry saw revenues of $570 billion globally yet the OTAs received $16 billion in commissions. That’s a pretty big chunk of change that independent hotels and inns could have had to themselves if every guest booked direct every time. We definitely see positive aspects of listing your inventory on OTAs but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of the tactics listed in this resource guide to encourage more direct bookings and cut down your commission costs.

What's inside?

Part One: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: The Battle for Direct Bookings

Part Two: Getting Guests to Your Site

  • Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization
  • Chapter 3: Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Chapter 4: Social Media and Online Reputation
  • Chapter 5: Email Marketing

Part Three: Online Bookings

  • Chapter 6: User-friendly Website and Booking Engine
  • Chapter 7: Promote Directing Booking Incentives
  • Chapter 8: Price Checker Integration
  • Chapter 9: Reservation Abandonment
  • Chapter 10: Loyalty Programs


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