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Kahana Sunset has seen a 21% increase in online booking revenue since launching with the RezStream TCMS website.


30379% Over $300K 21%

RezStream assisted Kahana Sunset, a luxurious oceanfront condo property located in Maui, Hawaii, in producing meaningful results in ROI, direct bookings, and streamlined management with RezStream’s Cloud PMS. Since launching the RezStream TCMS website, Kahana Sunset has seen over $360,000 in online revenue and a 21% increase in overall online bookings.

About The Property

Luxurious Maui oceanfront condos with easy access to secluded white sandy beaches. The property offers family-friendly accommodations, swimming pools, beach access, and numerous outdoor activities.  

Business Needs

  • Acquire more direct bookings
  • Grow repeat business


  • RezStream Cloud PMS (reservation software and booking engine)
  • Purchase of RezStream TCMS website
  • RezStream digital marketing services

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