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Stockton Inns' off-season gained $21K in online revenue in advanced reservations.


4,954% ROI $21,130 in online revenue

Stockton Inns, a multi-property destination in Cape May, NJ sought out RezStream for their marketing needs. With specific goals of gaining off-season advanced reservations, RezStream implemented an off-season email marketing campaign targeted at past guests. With this campaign, Stockton Inns gained 35 reservations, resulting in $21,130 in online revenue and a 4,954% in ROI.

About The Property

Located in Cape May, NJ, Stockton Inns offers two different properties to their guests; the Stockton Manor, a Victorian mansion and Stockton Inn, an affordable motel. Known for their variety of lodging, service, and their proximity to the beach, guests have made Stockton Inns their choice hotel in Cape May for over 40 years. 

Business Needs

Only ran 7 months out of the year, Stockton Inns was looking for a strong off-season strategy. Their goal was to produce more advanced reservations for the upcoming season. 


An off-season email marketing campaign

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