Meet RezStream

Small independent lodging properties have explained that the two greatest challenges their properties face are increasing revenue and decreasing operational costs. Through years of working hand in hand with our clients and developing a performance-based reservation software, we feel we’re able to solve those challenges. We would love to show you how!

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Increase Revenue

The idea was simple: Improve your efficiency so you can focus on growing your business. 

Maximizing your occupancy and ADR.  With our tenure in the hospitality industry we have tools and strategies to increase your revenue.

  • Increased online booking conversions
  • Increased mobile reservations
  • Direct OTA connection
  • Package and point of sale item upsells
  • Maximize upsells with repeat guests
  • Additional revenue through gift certificates

Reduce Operational Cost

As a small property, every dollar you spend comes with great deliberation. 

Every dollar spent must have a significant impact on your business.  We have refined and simplified how you pay for your services.

  • Commission-free booking engines
  • Commission-free gift certificates
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited users
  • Direct OTA connection
  • All features included for the price

Property Success Plan

Does this sound familiar?  A vendor spends a lot of time with you before you buy.  After, not so much. 

RezStream employs Customer Success Managers.  Their mission is to ensure your happiness after you’ve come on board and for the life of our relationship with you.  They help you create a success plan.  They help you overcome property challenges.  They help maximizing your services. Oh, by the way, you won’t have to call them because they will be calling you.

  • Become intimately familiar with your business
  • Customized success plan for your property
  • Ensure a smooth onboarding
  • Consult on missed opportunities for revenue growth
  • Ensure you maximize the usage of our solutions

Interested in learning more?

Request your free trial and see what the possibilities are with RezStream Cloud. We know there’s nothing like test driving the software yourself.