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Channel House

Channel House has seen a 22% increase in revenue with the RezStream Cloud PMS.



Glenlaurel has seen a 7,997% return with RezStream’s digital marketing program.


The Inn at Cooperstown

The Inn at Cooperstown has seen a 2,0647% return with RezStream’s digital marketing program.


Brynwood on the River

Brynwood on the River grew their revenue by 89% within the first year of launching the RezStream Cloud PMS.


Kahana Sunset

Kahana Sunset has seen a 21% increase in online booking revenue since launching with the RezStream TCMS website.


Whale Cove Inn

Within one month of launching the TCMS, Whale Cove Inn grew their revenue by 20%.

How we ensure your success!

Success isn’t a one-time transaction. Have a team that will be with you every step of the way!

Relationships are the driving force of achieving success in the long run and your customized property success plan and appointed Customer Success Manager will keep you on track with your goals by identifying additional revenue drivers or ways to maximize features to reduce operational costs. 

Phase 1: Vision

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you and your Customer Success Consultant (CSC) to identify your property’s challenges and understand your goals for the coming years.

They’ll learn the ins-and-outs of your property, what business segments impact your bottom line, what your ideal traveler and order value looks like, your property operations and associated costs, and your expectations of your new software. Your CSM will craft a vision for your business and benchmarks to measure success along the way. 

Phase 2: Strategy

After you’ve agreed on the vision for your property, your CSM will outline a strategy with a detailed plan of action and tactics to ensure you reach your business goals. Your strategy will be a living document and change as your business elolves to incorporate newly identified goals. 

Phase 3: Execute

Your CSM will then help you execute that strategy and ensure you receive the proper training and instruction to use these tactics. You won’t be alone in this execution as it’s a team effort. Your CSM will be checking in and sharing any resources that can assist you in growing your revenue and bottom line. 

Phase 4: Evaluation

We’re not going to just give you a map to success and wish you luck, we’re going to be there with you at every step and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy along the way. Your success is our success!

Phase 5: Improvements

Once we know what strategies and tactics resonate with your business and guests, we’ll refine our approach and enhance the strategy with proven tactics and identify additional opportunities. 

Property Success Stories

Every software company promises to be the best and produce results for your property but we prefer to let our clients show you how we’ve kept that promise. See the challenges other properties just like yours have faced and why they continue to trust us with their results. Read our case studies to get an idea of the benefits you can expect with our B&B booking software.