Cloud Booking Engine

Cloud Booking Engine

Booking engines open the door for 24/7 reservations and let your guests book when it’s convenient for them. 

Not only is it convenient for your guests to book on their time but with multiple calendar layout options our booking engine will optimize the reservation process and raise your conversion rate. You can appeal to each guest’s booking preference with a quick booking option or with a more detailed calendar display. The booking engine will also guide your guest through add-ons to enhance their experience at your property and increase their order value.

Your website’s branding transfers to your booking engine with a customized theme so your guests feel comfortable with their purchase whether on a desktop or mobile device. Plus, with revenue tracking, you’ll be able to understand and analyze where your online bookings are coming from and develop new tactics to further your booking engine’s success.

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Revenue-driving components

Custom Theme

You’ll provide your guest a seamless booking experience with a themed booking engine that matches your website, a customized booking engine URL, and tailored names for each step of the online booking process.

Multiple Availability Calendars

You get to show your availability in a way that’s preferential to you and your property. Display two weeks’ worth of availability or two months’ worth!

You could also showcase individual booking calendars for each unit or room as well as add a quick book feature on each page of your website. You can mix and match the calendars to give your guests every opportunity to make a reservation and increase your conversions.

Revenue Tracking

Connect the booking engine to your Google Analytics account.  This insight helps you understand your guests' buying journey.  Make adjustments based on data showing you where guests abort, which units aren’t performing and which packages aren’t selling.  Alternatively you can identify which online channels (organic, direct, paid) are/aren’t generating revenue to adjust your marketing budget to maximize your ROI.

Mobile Reservations

Mobile reservations grew 49% in 2015.  RezStream Cloud includes a mobile-friendly booking engine to help you capture the rise in mobile reservations and provide the convenient user-friendly experience to your guests.  

Upsell Opportunities

Easily upsell add-ons to your guest. We know you carefully crafted your packages and point of sale items to enhance your guests’ stay at your property, so we carefully crafted our packages and point of sale features to make it simple for you to increase revenue.

Multiple Rates

Offer different rates via the online reservation process.  This provides your guests with multiple options which helps you ensure higher conversions.  One size does not fit all!

Relaxed Min Stay

No more orphaned or widowed Friday nights for your property! RezStream Cloud has relaxed minimum night stays to ensure you’re at your highest occupancy possible by not leaving rooms un-booked.


The social share feature lets guests share (and probably brag) about their upcoming reservation at your property.

You can create boilerplate language for social posts or even add promo codes for your guest’s friend and family as an incentive for them to book.

Facebook Reservation Apps

Turn your Facebook fans into guests by using your Facebook apps as an online booking channel. Guests won’t have to leave Facebook to make a booking with you.

Interested in learning more?

Request your free trial and see what the possibilities are with RezStream Cloud. We know there’s nothing like testing the software yourself.