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Custom Letter Codes

Utilize letter codes for custom fields you’ve created.

Same-day Online Booking Cutoff Time

Automatically set your same-day booking cutoff time.

Cloud Software to Website Connection

Automatically update room rates, pictures, descriptions and names on your website.  

Pet Capacity and Online Descriptions

Adding pets doesn’t count against capacity and enhanced descriptions.

OTA Reservation Payment Information

OTA reservation payment information will now be passed to the Cloud PMS. 

Advanced User Permissions

Added more granular user permissions.

Have you taken our RezStream Cloud Feature Survey?

As we continue our ongoing effort of enhancing RezStream Cloud we want to better understand which features you value more than others.  We kindly ask that you take three minutes to complete a survey that helps us prioritize those features. Begin Survey >

Occupancy Map Unit Coloring

Categorize your units on the occupancy map by color.

Auto Merging Online Guests

Repeat guests booking online will merge into their existing contact record.

Extended Rates

Extended Rates

Extended Rate Plans Now Available 

Enhanced Clean/Dirty Room Interface

Enhanced User Interface for marking units clean/dirty.

Automatic Booking Engine Deposit

The online booking engine will automatically process your deposit payment. 

Dashboard Shuffle

Control the sort order of the widgets on your dashboard. 

Key Items

Keep track of your important items.

Set Your Arrival and Departure Days

We’ve added the ability to control when guests can arrive and/or depart.  

Re-Booking Repeat Guests

A simple way to re-book guests.

Unit Type Display

The booking engine now supports unit type display.

Quick Rate Editor

You can now edit rates on the fly from the occupancy map.

Custom Booking Engine Fields

Custom booking engine fields and the return of source and reason.

Gift Certificate Reports

Now you have the ability to see what’s been sold and redeemed related to your gift certificates.

Season Wizard

Up until this point, adjusting rates for the future has been a pain in the you-know-what.

Occupancy Map Reservation Notes

Reservation notes are accessible from the occupancy map!

Darker grid lines, Pre-Auth Check-in, BE rate descriptions

These features won’t necessarily change the game in any way, but they will help streamline your business from an efficiency standpoint.

Channel Manager is HERE

80+ OTA’s are now at your fingertips! Open/Closing Inventory

It’s time to stop giving away inventory to that you can book directly!

Move that Reservation

Like, why can’t I easily move a reservation?  Like seriously, this is ridiculous! 

Sales by Channel

The booking engine is one of the best “employees” you have.  You need to see how that “employee” is performing.

Bye Bye Duplicate Contacts

Tired of seeing the same guest with multiple different accounts cluttering up your contacts and making you go crazy?!?!?!?!  We just fixed that, no big deal.

Edit The Payment Date. See If We Care.

Ever need to post a payment to a previous date to help keep the books more accurate?

TripAdvisor TripConnect

For those of you that used this connection in RezPro, it’s back!  For those of you looking to increase your exposure and drive more bookings directly to your Cloud Booking Engine from TripAdvisor, keep reading.  

Dashboard on Steroids

Many of you have expressed your fondness with the dashboard.  Many of you have also shared how it could be even better to help your daily workflow.  We took those suggestions to heart and did something about it.

Default Letters

When you want to send a letter to a guest, what’s more annoying than clicking on the letter icon, having to click the drop down to access the letters, then scrolling to the letter you want?  NOTHING!

Check In/Check Out Simplified

Our check in and check out process has been horrible, thank you for bringing that to our attention.  We’ve addressed that process and significantly reduced the number of steps and clicks.  Never again will you feel like your guests are burning holes in your skin with their watchful eyes while waiting for you to check them in or out.

Bulk Printing with a Side of Balances

In an effort to help streamline your processes, we’ve added the ability to print in bulk.  This will eliminate the tedious open, print, and then repeat.  Found on your dashboard, you can now print your reservation letters along with your people letters. Things like bulk printing of registration cards for your arrivals and/or invoices for your departures will now be easy to complete....… Booking.YEAH

Increase revenue.  Increase occupancy.  Increase your client base.  Receive longer reservations from international travelers.  All of these statements describe the value that is the OTA known as

Have You Been On The Waitlist?

If you’ve been waiting on the waitlist (pun intended), then wait no more!  The following article will get you accustomed to this useful feature that allows you to track interested guests during peak times when your property is fully booked.

User Notifications For All to See!

To maximize the usability of RezStream Cloud for ALL users, we have added this automatic notification feature. Posts under the New Features tab describe larger features and usability issues that you want to be aware of. Posts under the Cloud Updates tab contain the full set of release notes for every update, including tasks, cosmetic enhancements, and bugs and smaller fixes. Posts under the Tips & Tricks tab...

Yield Management – Beta Testers Welcome

Before you completely shut this idea down, please read the next couple of sentences.  I’ve spoken to many properties whose greatest concern is that they will alienate their repeat guests by adjusting prices.  Therefore, we feel bad if John Doe and his wife who have been staying at our property for years see a different price.  All guests are loyal right up until that point they are no longer loyal.  Do you honestly...

Reports To Streamline Your Efficiency

Guest Forecast Exportable revenue reports Advance deposit report Booking by source Booking by channel

Tasks in RezStream Cloud

Tasks feature released in RezStream Cloud

We’re all guilty of cluttering up the front desk with papers, reminders and sticky notes.  In an effort to help your organizational skills and more importantly the long list of to-do’s employees need to accomplish every day, a task widget is here to save the day!  Assign tasks to staff (say that fast five times), set the priority and the due date to ensure nothing falls through the cracks again.  Disclaimer:...

Making money in the Cloud

Packages in Cloud Mobile Booking Engine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you know how integrated mobile phones are in our everyday lives.  Those same devices are driving potential guests to your website and being used to book lodging reservations.  We’re pleased to announce that our mobile booking engine has the capability to offer packages that will enhance your guests stay all while driving up the per transaction value of your...

Business analytics

RezStream Cloud offers revenue tracking with Google Analytics

Are you spending money on marketing efforts?  Have you ever wondered which perform the best and which don’t have a positive ROI?  With revenue tracking from your online booking engine directly to your Google Analytics account, you can now see where your time and money is being best utilized.   Track revenue from sources such as organic, direct, referral, PPC, email, social and more!  Stop ASSuming which efforts are...

You'll love the automatic emails feature in the Cloud PMS

Cloud PMS feature you’ll love: Automatic emails

Auto-emails are a huge time saver and an easy way to communicate with your guests about their upcoming reservation, special add-ons that’ll enhance their stay, and thank you emails when they leave your property.

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